Shortly about me, Valentin Abramov

This page is opened on February 14th 1997 (Valentin's day :) as addition to my astrology page.
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My name is Valentin Abramov. I'm Gemini, born May, 1953 at 21:02 MSK (-3:00 GMT) in Pärnu (Estonia) 24:30E 58:23N, so I am a Snake in the Chinese Zodiac.

I am graduated in old high-school of Gustaf Adolf (established in Tallinn in 1631 by King Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden) and also old University of Tartu ( established 1632, look more info here ) as physicist-theorithican. After University I worked long time in Institute of Physics of Academy of Sciences of Estonia and graduated in 1983 as PhD in solid state physics. Now I am working with computers and networks, which probably better matches to my character :) In the same time it's my job and hobby - wery good combination. So in past I opened also little Linux page, but now it's a bit out of date.

I have interests to lot of things, may be more to nature, secrets of beginnings of Universe, life and intellect. One of my interests in last years is connected with astrology (but here I am amateur). Since the time I was learned in University, I am constantly engaged with computers. So I have used my abilities to add something to excellent program Astrolog (great thanks to Walter D. Pullen for this program and sources). You can see original and changed versions and more about astrology on my Astrology page. Last time I am overloaded by work and unfortunately have not much time to astrology.

Another my last years interest is karting. It is connected with my older son Mart, who drived kart in years 1993 - 1995. First I thought only to add here some pictures, but opened karting page instead. There are some of pictures and text, illustrating this sport.

I also tried to connect both my described interests. I compared racing results with transiting charts of my son and found correlations. Of course, other competitors had his own transits, and results of races depends of more parameters, than only chart of my son, but anyway, I see correlations. This material needs additional preparation and it's shown on separate page - Karting and astrology.