Little Linux page

This page is oriented to PPP, IPX and related questions. There are Linux IPX-HOWTO and Linux PPP HOWTO but also are unclear or insufficiently explained things and I try to collect here info from newsgroups, mailing lists, private mail and other sources, also my own experience in this area. One of purposes is collection of pppd (2.3.5 and later) problems and patches in one place, from where users can find them.

Here is running Debian Linux (currently kernel 2.2.15 and pppd-2.3.11), so users of other distributions have to check placement of files in descriptions, which can sometimes differ from Debian's one.

This page is under construction yet. Anyway I hope, it will grow, but I don't know yet, in which direction. Now here are collected mostly answers to questions, repeatedly asked in mailing lists and newsgroups.

Table of Contents

pppd 2.3.5: compile problems and patches
pppd 2.3.5: useful additions and changes
2.2.x kernels and pppd
pppd 2.3.7
IPX over PPP
Some PPP and IPX related links
Shortly about me