Linux: Callback

The Microsoft Call Back Configuration Protocol (CBCP) is used by WinNT servers to call back to Windows clinents. So far pppd can be compiled with CBCP support as client only, which allows to connect to WinNT servers, but not act as server with CBCP support for Windows clients. Jan Kratochvil wrote some code for pppd-2.3.5 to enhance it by server side support (here is his letter to linux-ppp mailing list). I myself don't tried it yet.

However, callback from Linux box to different clients can be organized quite easily without CBCP, if you use mgetty. Then you can start PPP after callback. No need in additional software, utilite callback from mgetty package enough. You have only edit /etc/mgetty/login.config and modify Windows client side.

It works with Linux, DOS (telix), Win3.11 (with Shiva dialler or Trumpet Winsock), Win95, Win98 (WinNT don't checked yet). Here is running Debian Linux, so users of other distributions have to check placement of configuration files. Thanx to Eloy A. Paris for help preparing this page.

You can also try another callback solutions:

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