Linux: IPX over PPP

In most cases IPX over PPP is used to connect (Win) client over PPP to IPX network with NetWare server(s). That means, Linux box is directly connected to IPX network using some NIC. Here are collected my own experience in this area, also info from newsgroups, mailing lists, private mail and other sources. Great thanx to Eloy A. Paris, who spent lot of time to help me, but finally I have working IPX over PPP. I used only Debian Linux, so users of other distributions have to check placement of respective configuration files. Long time here was working Debian Linux 2.0 with kernel 2.0.34 and pppd-2.3.5, currently with kernel 2.2.4 and pppd-2.3.7.

I assume here, that you have working connection to IPX network over network card (say Ethernet) and working PPP with TCP/IP - that means your kernel is compiled with PPP and IPX support, pppd and ncpfs packages are installed and working. If you haven't, look first to Linux IPX-HOWTO and Linux PPP HOWTO.

To start IPX over PPP you have to do:

After these steps (described below) IPX over PPP should work.