Karting and astrology

This page is opened on Apr 12th 1997.

Here I tried to analyze three seasons (1993 - 1995) of my son Mart in karting from point of view of astrology. Serious analysis needs knowledge of birthdata of ALL opponents (and more, special software). I assumed, that transiting situation must anyway be reflected in some form in results, at least in comparison with some "mean" result. On other hand, I was interested, WHICH transits influenced racing results more than other ones.

Analysis is very simple. First I get some "mark" for every race. As base I used point system of Estonian karting (winner 100 points, last competitor 0 points):
5 : 100 - 80 points
4 : 80 - 60 points
3 : 60 - 40 points
2 : 40 - 20 points
1 : 20 - 0 points

Then I get some "mark" for every transiting chart for racing day. 1 means "very bad" transit chart, 5 "very good" transit chart. I know, that these "marks" are very subjective, and any comments are welcome.

Finally I compared racing results and appraisals of transiting charts and looked for correlations.

Here you can see Mart's natal chart. Most important details (I think):
conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Fortune
Grand Trine: Sun - Moon - Ascendant
stellium: Jupiter, IC, Mars, N.Node, trined by Venus

All the analysis is divided to parts (actually all this page is under construction yet):

Season 1993

Season 1994

Season 1995


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