This page is opened on May 19th 1997.

Here are some different points of view to results in races and transiting charts.

1. First how to value different seasons. Main situation in transiting charts was difeerent, also Mart every year raised as competitor.

2. Evaluation of separate races and respective transiting charts.

3. Srange differences between some race results and transiting charts.

Now I try to explain these points.

Different seasons

Season 1993

Season 1993 was first racing season for Mart and results was very good:
5th place on total rank on season between 50 opponenets, where most of them had 2 or more years experience in karting racing.
3th place (bronze) on Estonian Championship - most important kompetition of season.

Transiting charts showed in this year nothing global. Because that was first season, we can look Mart as "intermediate" driver, so results in upper half are good, inside first 3-5 driver are very good. In most cases (excluded one race) evaluations of race results was same than for transiting chart, or difference was only one point. Only at end of season results was a bit better, than transiting charts. May be it's connected with more experience.

Season 1994

Season 1994 was second racing season for Mart, also he moved from Cadet-Junior (age 10-13) to Cadet-Senior (age 14-18). Mart wasn't beginner now (can you mark owner of bronze of nationl championship as beginner ?), but here was older and much more experienced opponets (drived kart 3-5 years). So actually we were affraid a bit about this class change.

Results was best in career. Mart finished season with 2th total rank and also 2th place (silver) on Estonian Championship.

Transiting situation was also better. All the season in transit chart exists long-time "roof" - transiting Uranus and Neptun trines natal Saturn an both sextiles natal Urauns, also Vertex conjuncts transiting Pluto and Node, placed in 5th! house.

Marks of races and results matched only on first half of season, later results was as rule better than I marked to transiting charts. May be it is connected with fact, that Mart wasn't beginner. There was 19 races in season, with 2 wins, 6 2th, 4 3th, 1 4th and 3 5th places - only 3 races resulted outside first 5. So probably evaluations of races must be more "hard", and 5th place must be marked as "normal" or even "bad". I any case, here was 2-3 races, where transiting charts was "bad", but results was good (win, second place and third place). Look below, but I can't explain it.

Season 1995

Season 1995 was very bad racing season for Mart. He drived only on a half races on season, only on class "Cadet-Senior". Results wasn't very good:
5th place on total rank on season,
5th place on Estonian Championship - most important kompetition of season.

Transiting situation was also terrible. On Sun return time transiting Saturn conjuncted natal Sun, also all the season (some months later) transiting Saturn opposead natal one, so was some "bad" transiting T-Squares.

First three and last three races in season had better results than transiting situation (then opposition between natal and transiting Saturn wasn't exact).

Different races

Generally results matched with global situation in transiting chart. Most sensitive point in Mart's chart seems to be Asc. Transits over Asc (Aug.14th.1993, Jul.09th.1994, Sep.09th.1994, Jul.16h 1995) all gived good results. Important was also transits over 3-4 degree Cancer. In Jun.25th.1994 it maked good kite, then transiting Jupiter was 4Can50.

Actually, seems, that worked global transiting situations and only some important points like Asc and stellium near IC. Probably I'm not able to evaluate real situations in transiting charts, and see only most important things. Any replies are welcome.

Strange days

There are some srange (for me) days, where chart was bad, but results was good. I can't explain it, may be somebody can. Here are some examples.

Sep.12th.1993 By points mark = 5 (3rd place). Last race in season.
Difficult transit chart, I can't rank it more than Mark = 3 (Tr. Sun opposed natal Sun, transiting Saturn squared natal Uranus and Vertex (also transiting Pluto).

Jul.23th.1994 By points mark = 5 (2nd place). Here was great fight over 1st place, but Timo was better...
Transit chart had lot of squares, I don't see something good. Mark = 2.

Aug.06th.1994 By points mark = 5. (Win of race)
Transit chart is tension. Transiting Mars opposed natal Neptune and squared natal Saturn, so made T-square. Mark = 2.

Generally most results was predictable. Main situation in transiting charts matched with results - we knew about bad situation in chart in year 1995, so bad results wasn't surprise (at least for me). In year 1996 situation was worse: in Mart's chart transiting Pluto squared MC and stellium near IC (T-Square), in my chart beginned long time opposition of transiting Pluto and exact natal stellium Sun-Mercury-Jupiter. Result - Mart don't raced since 1996 at all.

I repeat, I'm not professional astrologer, so please don't judge my analysis very hard. I hope only, that it can be interesting to others. Also any reply is welcome. In case of replies this page can be modifiyed, or I will include letters here (only in case of agreement of author).