Astrolog 5.41G - changed version.

Here are described changes I have made in original version of Astrolog. Changes follows here in chronological order. Some parts (like planet powers calculations) are changed several times, so overview of changes, where changes are devided between different areas, gives better picture, what's made. To distinguish changed and original versions, changed versions has additional letter at end. Last version is 5.41G.

If you want download changed version, you will found there short description of files. There are included all sources and ready to use executables for DOS and Windows. Original sources and other files are available here or on Astrolog Homepage. Original Astrolog 5.41 files are downloaded from Who want know, what exactly is changed, can compare an original sources and current ones, or ask me.

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Changes made in code:

  • Astrolog 5.30a

    Actually here I moved all my previous changes from Astrolog 5.20k to new original version 5.30. Most new switches are accessible in Windows version through menus.

  • Astrolog 5.30b

    Mostly cleanup of code, but also added some new things.

  • Astrolog 5.30b1

  • Astrolog 5.30c

  • Astrolog 5.30c1

  • Astrolog 5.30c2

  • Astrolog 5.30d

  • Astrolog 5.30e

  • Astrolog 5.30f

  • Astrolog 5.30g

  • Astrolog 5.30g1

  • Astrolog 5.31g

    Alois Treindl modified Astrolog 5.30 and named new version 5.31. It contains the new Swiss Ephemeris instead of the older Placalc ephemeris. The responsibility for this modification is with Alois Treindl. Original Astrolog 5.31 with all related files is available at

    Instead of older Placalc ephemeris new ones are used: sepl_xx.se1 for planets, seas_xx.se1 for astreoids and semo_xx.se1 for Moon. Every set of files covers 600 years. Windows version has builtin planetary and Moon ephemeris, which uses another algorithm and covers 3000 BC - 3000 AD. Though, external ephemeris are more precise and quick. Pkziped set of ephemeris files contains files for 1800 AD - 2400 AD.

  • Astrolog 5.41a

    Astrolog 5.40 and then 5.41 with Swiss Ephemeris was released.

  • Astrolog 5.41B

  • Astrolog 5.41C

    All changes in last version are connected with fixed stars. Main change - also fixed stars are now calculated by Swiss Ephemeris routines.

  • Astrolog 5.41D

  • Astrolog 5.41E

  • Astrolog 5.41F

  • Last version Astrolog 5.41G

    Apr. 28th 2002

    Valentin Abramov

    ** Astrolog (Version 5.41)
    ** Code changed by Valentin Abramov
    ** Version 5.41G
    ** Last code change made 26th Apr. 2002
    ** IMPORTANT NOTICE: The graphics database and chart display routines
    ** used in this program are Copyright (C) 1991-1998 by Walter D. Pullen
    ** (,
    ** Permission is granted to freely use and distribute these routines
    ** provided one doesn't sell, restrict, or profit from them in any way.
    ** Modification is allowed provided these notices remain with any
    ** altered or edited versions of the program.
    ** The main planetary calculation routines used in this program have
    ** been Copyrighted and the core of this program is basically a
    ** conversion to C of the routines created by James Neely as listed in
    ** Michael Erlewine's 'Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers',
    ** available from Matrix Software. The copyright gives us permission to
    ** use the routines for personal use but not to sell them or profit from
    ** them in any way.
    ** The PostScript code within the core graphics routines are programmed
    ** and Copyright (C) 1992-1993 by Brian D. Willoughby
    ** ( Conditions are identical to those above.
    ** The extended accurate ephemeris databases and formulas are from the
    ** calculation routines in the library SWISS EPHEMERIS and are programmed and
    ** copyright 1998 by Astrodienst AG.
    ** The use of that source code is subject to
    ** the Swiss Ephemeris Public License, available at 
    ** This copyright notice must not be 
    ** changed or removed by any user of this program.
    ** Initial programming 8/28,30, 9/10,13,16,20,23, 10/3,6,7, 11/7,10,21/1991.
    ** X Window graphics initially programmed 10/23-29/1991.
    ** PostScript graphics initially programmed 11/29-30/1992.
    ** Last code change made 12/20/1998.
    ** Modifications from version 5.40 to 5.41 are by Alois Treindl.

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