Some astrolog(y) related links

  • Astrolog Homepage - created by Walter D. Pullen, author of Astrolog. That is page, from where Astrolog files are originated. There are full descriptions of Astrolog features, all files, links and much more.

  • Chris Mitchell's page with very nice introduction to Astrolog's use.

  • Astro Chart and Open Astrology Lessons by Theodore Natsinas, author of "flower graphics", added to changed Astrolog since version 5.20e.

  • Tobias Ferber's Astrolog Page - Excellent description of Astrolog features, HTML version of Astrolog documentation, downloads, online charts, links and more.

  • Bonnie's Links, created by Bonnie Lee Hill. Very rich collection of links and docs in different areas, not only astrolgy.

  • Astrodienst Zurich - Astrology, Atlas and Timezone server, links.

  • Fixed Stars - Great site about fixed stars in astrology by Anne Wright.

  • Chinese Astrolog - Astrology, download of Astrolog. Changed version supports 8-bit texts, so here is available version, where signs, planets, houses and elements names are into chinese. Here is also version, where Windows menu are changed into chinese menu. This page is Chinese Big5 encoded, so, it's for those, who use this encoding.

  • Kastrolog home page - Downloads of Kastrolog, a port to KDE with other customizations, by Christophe Gros.

  • Astrologica by Bengt Berglund, astrology page with modified Astrolog 5.41F, Swedish interpetation.

  • Astrolog 5.42h by Nicolas Sharnagl, highly modified version of Astrolog. Added a lot of Centaurs, asteroids and transplutonians and other things.

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